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My Services

  • K-12 Academic Tutoring

  • Mathematics 

  • Physics

  • Reading & Writing

  • Most other subjects

Experienced K-12 Tutor

Tutoring in Most Subjects

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About Me

Thomas Daniel Pearo, B.S. (Pure Physics / Mathematics)

I am an experienced K-12 tutor with a Bachelor's of Science in Physics and Mathematics. I value building confidence and true understanding in all my lessons. I am available for virtual lessons throughout the United States or in person if you are in the Vermont, US area.


I strongly encourage you to look at my reviews below to see what my students actually think about my teaching methods! I work incredibly hard to ensure each student excels in their education. My results speak for themselves.

Contact me for a FREE virtual meet and greet and we can chat about your specific needs. I am really committed to each client and look forward to meeting with you and helping your family succeed with their education!

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“Your help has been an extremely appreciated aspect of every week that I always look forward to.”

Contact Me to Schedule Your Tutoring Session

Fill out the form below and I'll get back to you within 24 hours. My email and phone number are listed as well, feel free to reach out that way if you prefer. 


I offer a totally FREE meet and greet session for anyone who is interested in my tutoring services. 


This allows us to get to know each other personally and for me to understand your unique tutoring needs.

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